Donation Total Update!

The final day of the challenge proved to be a lucrative one

Jan 1 2015

So here’s what I decided to wear for the first non-Sole Of Sci-Fi day – a pair of simple classics, that look surprisingly new considering I bought them last January. But we all know the real reason why.

Anyway, I just thought I’d update you with the total raised after an avalanche of donations yesterday from:

Richard Edwards, Lee Harris, Jordan Farley, The Llama God, Rob Power, Tracey Lister, Zoë Gould (I forgot the “u” in yesterday’s thanks list), Boo, Nick Setchfield, Andrew Moir and two other shy donors.

I’m also reliably informed that some money has been donated by Paypal as well (the sponsor site being all wiggy yesterday) though that has yet to appear.

So as of today the official total is: £1,725!

Cheers to everybody who donated!

(Oh, and three people I forgot to include in my thanks list: Ed and Viv Calvert, and Martin Rowe – better late than never, eh?)

And as I Tweeted last night, Happy New Year, and I hope everyone has a great 2015, unless your name is Nigel Farage.