Day 360: Boxing Day Trainers

Little boxes everywhere…

December 26 main

Some sci-fi boxes for Boxing Day, along with a pair of Stan Smiths (with blue trim this time) on loan from Will Guyatt. They’re brand new, so I’ll wear them around the house, but I think I’ll swap them over later for a more practical pair that I won’t mind getting wet and muddy when we go out later.

Loved Doctor Who “Last Christmas” just as much on third viewing, and thankfully, the FX and old-age make-up did stand-up well even on a proper TV. If you read my review on the SFX website, you’ll see that I covered my arse as regard those aspects, because it’s difficult to tell for sure in the BBC Previews site’s pixel-o-vision. For example, I really couldn’t tell before last night if there was snow on the TARDIS in the opening titles; I suspected there was, but it wasn’t entirely clear on the preview version.

I’m also wondering if by the end of next season we’re going to be seeing “Team TARDIS” with both Shona and Ashley becoming companions before Clara leaves. That’d be… interesting. I think either could make a great permanent companion. (But with Moffat in control, who knows? One of them may be Missy in disguise.)

Great to see Carrie Fisher on QI as well. Surely you need to be British to be that eccentric?

And so now I have a load of new Blu-rays to watch (they were presents), and staying with APs who have no Blu-ray player. It’s like some form of mental torture! Home tomorrow, though.

Last few days to get some sponsorship money in!

See you tomorrow!

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Day 165: We’ll Tear Your Soles Apart

Sole Of Sci-Fi raises some Hell in the latest installment of the charity challenge…

June 14

So, Day 165. It may not sound like a landmark, but in a way it is. Because it means there are exactly 200 days left of this challenge. A little bit of a worry when I’ve only got five pairs of trainers currently lined up, but on the other hand it’s one hell of a psychological barrier to break through. And in just a few weeks, I’ll have reached the halfway mark. That’ll be a massive relief.

Today’s Hellraiser theme boasts a much better headline than photo. In my head, the photo was going to be a Photoshop masterpiece, but in practice, I think I still have a lot to learn. But you get the idea. And the “tear your soles” gag was too good to miss. The Hi-Tech trainers were donated by Ian Comber (apparently they were his dad’s). I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever worn Hi-Tech. Well, I am a trainer snob… See the sacrifices I make for this challenge?

So, yesterday Simon Pegg tweeted about The Sole Of Sci-Fi for which I am unbelievably grateful. For a few minutes my Twitter feed lit up. After all, the guy has over four million followers.

”Hurrah!” I thought, “All my hard work will now reap rewards! It’ll all have been worthwhile and ARUK will be vastly better off!”

And by the end of the day the charity total had gone up  by…


The donor, Victoria Warren, left a really lovely message too, and I really appreciated that too. But I can’t help being disappointed and left wondering if I’ve chosen the wrong gimmick. Hopefully a couple of 11 new Twitter followers (I love you all) will click through read the blog and donate soon.

What made matters worse was seeing some C-List celebrity on Channel 4 won £4,000 for his charity for an hour’s work on a quiz show. Hell, I’m slaving away for 365 days here!

Donate buttonBut I’m not deterred or down. I will finish this challenge and I will raise a shitload of money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. And while these photos are taking up far too much of my time, hell, look what a “leg”-acy I’ll have left behind come 2015!

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