Day 364: Thunderbird Two Days To Go

Squash and go…

December 30 main

The penultimate day, and the brilliant sunshine sees me out on the bike again, making the most of this gorgeous day. Thunderbird 2 looks great in the cloudless skies.

I’ve also managed to write a feature for the SFX website today which I actually enjoyed researching. Not sure when it’s going to be posted but considering the nature of the piece (ten best sci-fi and fantasy moments of 2014) I’m guessing pretty soon. Any guesses what I might have included. I’ll give you one clue: one is from a show I don’t watch, but Jayne Nelson recommended it so I watched the episode in question, and had to agree with her; it’s a classic moment.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing my Sole Of Sci-Fi review of the year. As of this moment, I’m not entirely sure what that’ll entail, but it’ll be great. And I have some great trainers to mark the end of the challenge. Today’s are the last loan pair (some squash shoes from a brand I’ve never heard of ) from Richard Edwards; tomorrow’s are mine and bring everything full circle.

See you tomorrow.

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