Day 42: The Hitch-Nike-rs Guide To The Galaxy

It was the pun that was too good to pass up on day 42. And look, I know where my Babel fish towel is too…

Feb 11

Qi da tronicle ka kistmexi… Oooops…

Is that better? Don’t worry, that slimy feeling in your ear won’t last long and the Babel fish doesn’t wriggle much. Never worked what happens if it needs a widdle, though…

Today I am a hoopy frood and I know where my (special Babel fish) towel is. What else could be the theme for day 42 other than Douglas Adams’s mighty The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy? Though my answer to Life, The Universe And Everything is Hobnobs.

capebm01_1_af30bfeb3e1738bceb2cfb8b036f59d2There’s another towel coming on the market later on the year which might usurp Babel-towel’s place in my affections. From the end of April the Batman Cape Towel will be available to buy. That’s my cosplay outfit right there. I’ve even got the trainers to go with it. (Not that they’ve appeared in this challenge yet – SPOILERS! Though people who followed my original 28 Days Of Trainers on Twitter a couple of years back will know exactly the pair I mean; they proved very popular.)

The Nikes I’ve chosen for today are not purely for punning reasons. Despite what it looks like, they are actually genuine hiking shoes. Rugged soles, Gore-Tex uppers, solid ankle support – yep I’ve worn these up the Pyg Track in Snowdonia. I am aware of more seasoned walkers in their massive, practical, invariably brown boots tutting scornfully at me for wearing impractical trainers up a mountain, but honestly, these guys are totally solid and waterproof. If I weren’t doing this challenge, they’d be getting a lot more use this winter, that’s for sure.

Feb 11 b

Anyway, off to London today for a big planning meeting for the mag. That’s after I’ve popped in the Bath office for a shower. Hang on, you might be thinking. Didn’t he say his bike was in for a service? Why does he need a shower? BECAUSE MY BLOODY BOILER HAS PACKED IN! No hot water at home. No heating. I’m bloomin’ freezing as I type this!

Also, I found a close-up version of that Converse art I found yesterday – there’s something weirdly HR Giger about it.

Feb 11 art

Especially if you do this…

Feb 11 art c

Just one more thing to say before I go:


UPDATE: Major rails problems between Reading and Paddington. Maybe the meeting’s off? More exciting news as it comes!

Usual sign-off:

Current total: £445  (come on – let’s get £500 before the end of February!)

• Remember this is all for charity, so any pennies or pounds you can spare PLEASE DONATE BY CLICKING HERE.

• Follow me on Twitter to make sure you see what trainers I’m wearing each day.

• If you have any trainers you could donate (either on loan or old pairs you’re getting rid of) which are size 9 (ish – I can do anything from 8 to 10) contact me at so we can arrange collection.

• Please, please, please leave comments below! I’m after ideas for mini-challenges, future photoshoots and how I can find enough pairs of trainers!

Dave G


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